Fortuny Values

We believe in a professional exercise of excellence and integrity. Our partners actively participate in the direction, supervision, and execution of each assignment. At Fortuny, we are all committed to always providing exceptional service. We strive to constantly meet and exceed our customers' expectations, and to do so we base everything we do on the following values: Integrity, Respect, Harmony, Commitment, and Going the Extra Mile.


In our ideas and actions, we make technical recommendations based on legal regulations and those that govern our professional practice.

We are ethical, we always act with rectitude, honesty, and truthfulness. Having in mind our responsibility and trust in us.


Towards our partners, collaborators and suppliers.

With our clients, their partners, directors, managers and collaborators.

Promoting synergy in all our relationships.


Making an effort in a tenacious and constant way in each assignment.

Aware of the needs of our customers and prioritizing them.

Clear of our responsibility and delegated trust.

Why choose Fortuny?

We strive so that the entities that give us the privilege of serving them feel prioritized, exclusive, and important; that is the only evaluation criterion that interests us and that drives our ideas and actions.

We strive every day to become your trusted ally.

What differentiates us?

We distinguish ourselves from other firms because we live according to our values, and our clients perceive and confirm it by the way in which we do professional business and how we develop and fulfill the work entrusted to us, as well as by the interpersonal relationships that we create with the work teams of our clients and within our organization. Our philosophy is that Fortuny customers are exclusive, we value them as the most important thing, and our goal is to provide them with an enriching service, we exist thanks to and for them, and we serve them with a high degree of value.

We are proud of our work and we will continue to capitalize on our experience, knowledge, and skills, in favor of our client portfolio.


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